The store locator function on our website plays a significant role in our fluid commerce experience. The current experience is not optimized for a mobile user, despite mobile traffic significantly outweighing the amount of desktop traffic. This redesign set to enhance the mobile experience and ease the task of navigating to a location.

Users are always located, either by allowing location services or via ip address. This design would leverage this data to display list results, reducing the amount of potential steps the user has to take to find their nearest store.

The user can easily update their location by:
- Clicking on the zip code
- Clicking on the target icon to enable location services
Store Locator Search Functionality
The user can further control their results by utilizing the added filter functionality. The filters allow the user to filter by distance from their current location, or by store type (i.e. outlets).
Store Locator Filter Functionality
The results cards will display the name, address, and open status of the store. Users are able to get directions via their native directions app, mark a store as their favorite, and visit a store landing page.
Store Locator Result Cards
The store landing page features additional information, including a phone number, popular hours, community events, and sale items.
Store Page Layout

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